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Spéciale’Z No. 4

Available September 2012
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  • Diagrammatic Architecture, Tim Gough
  • Le diagramme à “l’ombre” du disegno, Alexis Meier
  • Diagramming Interstitiality, Eugenia Fratzeskou
  • John Hejduk and Radical Diagramming, Aida Miron
  • the Spatial Turn

  • Architecture as Space, Again? Notes on the ‘Spatial Turn’, Łukasz Stanek
  • A Plea for Spatial Knowledge…, Anne Brandl & Andri Gerber
  • The City as Productive Landscape, Joris Lipsch & Daniel Venneman
  • The Spaces of Experimental Science, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady
  • Perform

  • Performance Architecture, Alex Schweder
  • Re: IP1, Claude Parent
  • Barber on Benjamin, Peter Barber
  • Walk/Talk, Anne Attali, Chloe Briggs, Christina Briggs & Marthe Jacobs
  • Apartment, Simona Rota
  • La mise en mouvement, Eva Mahdalickova
  • A Parallel History of Skateboard and Architecture, Francois Perrin
  • Conferences

  • Hashim Sarkis, 6 October, 2011/Carin Smuts, 20 October, 2011